OPSYTECH™ operates on the basis of the strength of its strong and solid symbiotic business relationship with its stakeholders, particular its service consultants and product suppliers here and abroad. OPSYTECH™ has secured the commitment and authority of notable and reputable product suppliers. Its suppliers are not just sources of products, but are likewise involved in the conceptualization, integration, installation and maintenance of their products in coordination with other product suppliers. Needless to mention, this prudent selection and integration of services and products should result to state-of-the-art workmanship and utmost satisfaction of each owner/s of a project.

While a range of products (e.g. CCTV System, Access Control, Alarm System, etc.) can be sourced from various suppliers, OPSYTECH™ can mix and match such products into a flawless system so each project is finished cost-effectively. This flexibility has to be observed or done in order to address the various desires and concerns of clients such as aesthetic values, cost-effectiveness, budgetary constraints, cultural nuances, government laws/Building Code, city and municipal ordinances, etc.

OPSYTECH™ shall observe and respect the views and opinions of its clients without necessarily compromising its vision, mission, professionalism, work ethics and its niche in the industry. It has to pursue its business goals uncompromisingly with the end in view of getting the respect of its clients and peers in the industry.

OPSYTECH™, through its consultants and product suppliers, have been involved in some landmark structures in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. These are office businesses, office-residential condominiums, resorts, factories, etc. Interested parties may request for a list of such projects subject to the approval of OPSYTECH™ Management, supplier(s) and consultant(s) individually and/or collectively.